• killmenow 10w

    Help me

    I'm a depressed mess
    No more than obsessed
    21 people in my head
    Taking these pills to calm down the rest
    Blood is red
    My Heart is dead
    Wrists are bleeding
    No more believing
    My heart is damaged
    But I still manage
    Even though I've been taken for granted
    Scars on my body
    Became a new hobby
    Cuts are addicting
    No more reminiscing
    I've been abused, used, now I got loose screws
    "The sun is high
    And so am I"
    The weed is another one of my needs
    And now I don't eat
    So ends could meet
    The devil became another friend
    And with him my life will end
    Can't get rid of the pain
    When every day it's something new to obtain
    Here we go once again the rain is hitting the windows pane
    People always leave
    All they try to do is come in and decieve
    Time to choose a Trick or Treat
    Never mind
    Heads or tails flip a dime
    Do it again and make up ur mind
    Time to live and lie
    Or forget it all and die