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    The echo of the divine

    The sweet moment of twilight,
    The sky,
    Ready to adorn the blanket,
    Of a dark blue color,
    The stillness in the air,
    The peace in the ambience,
    The divinity's sandstone idol,
    Fragrance of mogra, sandalwood, and camphor,
    And the mellow smell of the wet soil.
    A flame emblazens much brighter,
    As the darkness sets in,
    With the sound of the conch and the bells,
    And the utterance of the rhythmic mantras,
    And the infallible faith of the devotees.
    Indeed, this is devotion,
    When, everything comes to a standstill,
    And is ready to be ingested,
    In one's soul,
    And then get engrossed,
    In this immensely joyful surrender,
    In dance,
    In music,
    In emotions,
    In expression,
    In joy and ecstacy,
    Where one perceives the ultimate truth,
    The sense of the divine.

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    The echo of the divine

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