• the_indian_akhil 5w


    Aarush and Tanya were two of my closest friends in college.We used to hang out all the time, the three of us against the whole world, it was the time of lives.

    Fun fact they were also a couple back then, made for each other, both highly motivated and dedicated doctors to be hence it wasn't long after college that they married and moved to Uzbekistan for their research.

    I moved on too.

    It was around the start of February'19 when I got the call that they were coming back to India, Tanya was about to become a mother.

    I rejoiced, before.

    A rough couple of years for both of them. Losing two newborns must have been like dying a million times over in different ways for them or so I thought until I heard Aarush talk on the phone saying,

    "Make sure you add C-93 & HPDZ-61T without the Azphefline this time and find me a new mother, I don't think Tanya can afford to provide us with a new specimen after this one."