• nature_dreamer_11 5w

    I was stressed out
    I decided to have desserts
    But I don't know if I can make one I doubt
    The last time I tried I remember how my attempts into a disaster converts

    I turned on the radio playing my favourite song
    I picked up a bowl
    See I didn't even started I hope it doesn't take long
    I'm not gonna share I'm gonna have whole

    I picked up some all purpose flour
    Added some cocoa with love
    Life gave me some lemons sour
    But I'm. gonna show haters I still have
    dove ( peace )

    I turned on the oven to preheat
    I added some baking soda , baking powder and salt
    Don't worry it's not gonna be salty it's gonna be sweet
    I started thinking again was it my fault

    I sieved the flour and mixed it twice
    This makes the cake light
    What I did was wise
    And now everything feels right

    I added the sugar and mixed it well
    Poured some water and butter and vanilla extract
    Then I added little lemon i love it's smell
    Then I changed the song to distract

    I started mixing the ingredients gently
    I haven't done anything intentionally
    Made the batter runny
    I love my bunny

    Checked it Making sure there are no air bubbles
    I poured the batter in the bowl and kept it for Baking
    I sat on the kitchen counter to relax my muscles
    I looked at my watch while waiting

    As soon as it was ready
    Kept it aside to let it cool
    I picked up the frosting cone to make a teddy
    My Phn started ringing "don't pick it up don't be a fool "

    Now I'm gonna relish it alone
    My worries and stress are long gone ......


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