• kriti11 10w

    People change in a day and it's been months since you've talked to me about things. Your insecurities, your joys, your fears, your true feelings, you're hiding it all really well, even from me. You've started to lie since a long time but these days you're being so frequent. You're running from me, farther. You're being busy just because you want to escape from me and my questions. You remember you promised to keep talking to me, keep sharing with me no matter what? Why are you trying to find excuses to avoid me? The most strong excuse you have is of 'time' and you also know that it is mere an excuse. You'll reach nowhere this way. You are so miserable right now, so broken and you're trying to find a way to get out. I know, right? You have changed a lot, get it! And you don't even know if this is for good or bad because you have no one to tell that to you, how will you get to know until you talk about that, at least to me. All I want to say is, get some time, sit calmly and talk to me tonight.
    - The one who resides inside you (Always)

    2 October, 2019

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