• uniquebob 6w

    If you never wanted to be with me, why didn't you say so.
    I knew something was wrong, but I never expected it to be as hurtful as this.
    You laugh with me in my face but all you ever did was mocking me behind.
    You pretend to be my right hand person while all you ever did was stabbing me at my back.
    I knew all this but pretended I didn't,
    Thinking it was all just a miunderstanding,
    I assumed you'd eventually tell me if you never wanted to be my friend,
    but the truth was that I never wanted to lose you.
    I waited for your change...., we contined our friendship.
    You never changed,
    You kept on being my buddy at my front but when I ain't looking, you'd would be discussing how to slit my throat,
    You were being a devil in angel's clothing.
    I can't take it anymore!!, I care no more if I lose you,
    I never hurt you, so i see no reason you should keep hurting me.
    So now,
    I want you to go, because you don't even deserve me,
    I don't care if I lose you, because you are going to lose more.