• sreyamahi 5w

    Friendly fellow

    The sky getting darker and
    My heartbeats getting faster
    He just shook me and asked
    'All okay? I'll drop you'.

    The panic starting from the toe
    Stuck directly on my heart
    Alarming pain as a whole still
    Unrevealed as I was a girl!

    I am okay! Let's go fast!
    He frowned like why I was
    Ready to go with him which
    I refused many times till date.

    He spoke many words but not
    One registered in my Brain!
    That matchless joy I enjoyed when
    I saw my home as if it was for the first time!

    He wondered and said 'It's okay
    To enjoy a ride with your bestie'
    Don't consider every boy as someone
    Who annoys you for love or kinda stuffs."

    "Thank you! I am so ill and didn't
    Hear a single word you spoke!
    This is something you couldn't
    Tolerate or even understand!"

    Hey! girl, we know everything and pretend
    To be unknown to anything!
    My mom in between reminds me about her
    Kind of struggles, situations and pains!

    Don't hesitate to get help from me
    And especially not to feel inferior to us!
    Also, ensure a ride after seven days
    To enjoy some gossips and a cup of coffee!