• cathartic_sole 5w

    When the limits of any emotion within the human being are exceeded,
    then you should know that the end of that feeling is near.
    It's in our brain function, at time to create the balance between the good and bad sometimes we need to leave some weight, or vice versa.
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    Let the sadness,
    melancholy feelings,
    lonesomeness, bad thoughts,
    bad habits, or any other self
    indulging activities take over you,
    take a fall, realise how it's
    feels to be at the rock bottom,
    alone standing in the rain
    with no one their looking for you.
    Feel the rain on your face,
    Listen the sound of the rain,
    And close your eyes, feel the vibes
    around you, feel your life,
    Don't hold your thoughts, let them
    wander whenever they want
    go just let them be.
    Don't worry let it rain,
    sooner or later
    the sun will rise again for you.

    While you work and just wait.....