• emortal 6w


    Every morning I see you,
    Lying indolent on my bed
    As I try to get up and hurl myself
    In the day's mundane routine,
    You lure me to the misty dreamland
    Unwavering ,when I don't pay heed
    You accompany me throughout the day
    Teasing, disturbing.

    As dusk approaches
    You cajole me to sink in oblivion
    Of wine glass
    Making innumerable promises
    Which are obviously meant to be broken.
    and when with false pride
    and shaky legs, I walk out
    You laugh at me,
    (I know that, you know?)
    Under the influence of wine
    (Or despair of worthlessness?)
    When I hang my dreams on tenterhooks
    You are still there lying beside me

    Now a days I wonder
    Are you really there?
    Is that your cadaver beside me?
    Or you were never there?
    An unborn?
    ┬ęK Prashanth