• chandraditya 5w

    Episode 19

    "Hi darling.." replied Srija with a love emoji.
    "Baby I have a request to you. Please don't deny it."
    "What darling? Ask freely. "
    "Promise that you will not mind."
    "Promise darling."
    "Baby tomorrow is special right?"
    "Let me think . Tomorrow ... No. Nothing special."
    "Ya baby. It's special."
    "Tell me darling what's so special."
    "Tomorrow is kiss day."
    "Oh . Happy advanced kissed day "
    "Is this the way we are going to celebrate tomorrow?"
    "Tell me how we are gonna celebrate."
    "I need one."
    "Oho. What's the thing that you need?"
    "Baby please . Don't be naughty."
    "Hihi. Tell me Yash . Am not understanding what you are saying."
    " I need a kiss ."
    Srija sent an emoji of blush.
    "Am serious baby. I need it."
    "Then I also have a demand from you."
    "Tell baby what you need. Am gonna fulfill it."
    "I also need a return kiss. Hihi."
    Yash's mind blew out. What a frank and beautiful girlfriend she got. He had been thinking what she would mind on being asked for a kiss. Yash could not wait for the next day to come.
    The greatest player , god, is playing quite beautifully.
    (To be continued)