• saumya_ 34w

    Not a quote or story..
    Just a scribble for the one who is 4000 miles away..my awesome weirdo!❣
    One of those nights when I wish you were here..

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    Why..? ❣

    My breath gets hitched at the sight of you smiling casually, having no clue how it makes my heart all warm and melts my insides!!
    Your eyes, Why making a contact with them sends these eccentrically calming adrenaline rushes that washes down my entire being with content and thrill..!!
    Why does your touch makes me feel as if a thousand cosmos exploded in my chest shooting out beautiful, glittering, white shimmer of light..!
    How can someone make you feel like that...?
    Is that what they call love..?
    Does it make their soul happy just the same..?
    Why do you make me feel like this Shai..?