• alexi_silver 23w

    Villains intrigue me,
    Not the ones who insist on world domination,
    Or who wish to rule the world,
    These black distinctions bore me,
    No, I gravitate towards the ones who tell a story,
    The ones who possess empathy and pain,
    Who are just as human as you and I,
    But who are somehow convinced that they are right,
    That they are heroes too,
    Their unhealed wounds and scars remind me,
    That the world is not so black and white,
    And most days, I want to extend a hand,
    And hold on and heal those bleeding souls,
    But then reality is cruel,
    And taunts me that,
    The broken cannot mend the broken,
    And I whisper with a conspirational chuckle,
    It is only the broken who can heal the broken.