• sakshipriya 50w

    - Confession -

    I love you my baby and you know it's true,
    I thank god in heaven for someone like you.
    I can't help but love you -
    love your lips against mine; soul to soul, heart to heart.
    I love you and I love everything about you-
    your sexy smile, the sound of your voice,
    the magic in your eyes.
    I can't help but love you, love the way you love me,
    and love the feelings we have.
    I love your gentle touch and the warmthi feel at your side.
    I love dreaming about you : I love discovering you.
    I can't help but love you;
    there we are - heart to heart - soul to soul.
    No i can't help but love you,
    Rather, i choose to love you.
    I love each and every once-in-a-lifetime moment
    i share with you- Today, Tomorrow and Forever.