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    "That grey is what all I want but rarely like it.
    But when I do, I cling on to it and dismiss all the profound disruption of overrated realism."


    Helm: a tiller or wheel for steering a ship or boat.
    Whack: a try or attempt
    Shack: a roughly built hut or cabin
    Penance: punishment inflicted on oneself as an outward
    expression of repentance for wrongdoing.
    Discordance: lack of agreement or harmony

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    Just Like That

    I am tangled in the intricate world
    Of black and white.
    The midway seems curled,
    And grey is the only way out.

    The uncertainty of black
    And the hope of white;
    Together, they collude to take a whack
    At forming alluring serenity of grey.

    When the coldness of black is fighting
    With the radiance of white,
    Grey picks up its bag and go for strolling
    In the comforts of its warm sweater.

    While balancing their scales,
    Black and white forget their treacheries.
    So, grey decides to set up the sails
    And go for the voyage into the melting hues.

    Trauma of being away from its realm
    Impels grey to return home,
    Away from the helm
    And to the old tattered shack.

    Forgetting has always been easier than remembrance
    And that troubles our dear shade.
    It summons the sense of penance
    And surrender the raging waves of blues.

    Giving up on incessant rambling
    Of black and white,
    Grey takes over by its gambling
    Of low and high.

    Tonight, in the presence of moon and stars
    I drink to the last echo of silence,
    For when tomorrow comes with the black and white scars
    Of defiance, I will sup again with them to the new silence of discordance.

    Now, that I have seen the rise of the sun,
    I shall pass away the feeling of nothingness
    To the admission of my sins rather than to shun
    Them, if at all possible.

    I am tangled in the intricate world
    Of black and white.
    The midway seems curled,
    But grey is what I look for in this vicinity.