• guafevc 6w

    Pills and Bottles Part 2.

    I never was one to run away from my problems.
    Rather I drowned them with pills and bottles.
    A shot of Hennessy for my stress
    Pop a pill when I'm depressed.
    Now I dont have the pills or bottles.
    So my mind is full of temptation and sorrow.
    Like NF, I'm looking for changes.
    But this stress keeps pushing it to tomorrow.
    Now I'm in a rut, and it's become a problem.

    Now my problems are not so subliminal.
    Out in the open, they make my day feel dismal.
    But I'd rather feel this way than to be faded.
    But ever since I've been sober friends have been acting jaded.
    I watched my uncle die from the alcohol.
    His favorite to drink was the 4 loko.
    Evertime we tried to pry the bottle we got the oi, you loko.
    That's how committed he was to the alcohol.

    So why do we get high? Keeps us from being loko.
    Does it keep us from committing suicide? How should I know.
    Aderal or Hennessy? Why not do both?
    Its suicide, either way we all know.

    Overdosing on the pills, drinking to the point of blackouts.
    So we mix the syrup, and we lean back.
    So faded there is no coming back.
    Prozac, and xannies, lean, pcp, and henny.
    Let's stop dying and overdosing on pills and bottles.