• samyukta_saru 10w

    Musing 5

    One minute,In the real,
    Another minute,Lost in hazy trance,
    Yet Every moment feels alive,
    Wonder which part should I try,
    The one that has the touch of life,
    Or the one that has the essence of illusion,
    I believe which ever i pick it will be my choice,
    And damn I will make sure to live it right.

    Morning musings mine are, little crazy, and I love to make it look like, the way they are what I am like...thodi crazy, thodi wild, thodi pagli, thodi bright...
    Do u get it what I write
    If not, it's ok , I will anyway write ....Smile smile smile ✏️‍♀️‍♀️
    hope u all have a bright day