• craving_soul7 51w

    Of course I never saw such a one before
    "Was it my destiny?" No! It was our destiny.

    Poor soul too scared to feel!
    frightened to accept!
    dared to express!

    What if it turned to be a no!

    Leaving everything behind!

    Through the conversations that ran I got to know ...it was a futile battle
    Battle to pursue him!
    Rationally, logically, and practically!

    But the one thing that pleased me was when he said 'I am not much of a talker! I like to listen'.
    Probably because I LIKED TO TALK!

    Everytime a converse ended with
    "I'm making you bore!"
    And then silent's reply
    "No! Not at all"
    -although I doubted Nd knew that it was a lie
    Still managed to take it genuine!

    Perfect combo was building up
    Silent He,Scared Me!

    Scared and tired
    I was tired if asking myself that
    "Am I special to him?"

    Was that jealousy watching him taking to other guys...
    I don't know
    Or probably I do!

    Lost in thoughts I sat beside
    Waiting for him to say something but....
    I had to start with a sorry!
    Cause I thought he would cry if poked!

    "What?" As if he paid any amount attention
    I paused to think!
    To think that why I said sorry?
    And obviously answer that my heart which ruled the head gave was I don't remember!

    "Why didn't you share anything?"
    My voice comprising of plea and protest startled his thoughts!

    Silence! Ominous silence followed!

    But he left showing least concern!
    I hate being cheated it being ignored!

    But my thoughts didn't stopped
    Heart continued to rule my head

    When even you aren't able to make it out, believe me , your friends are able to!

    My friend asked me "Did you?"
    She had asked me the most stupid question.
    Did I love him?
    Did the earth go around sun?
    Did a person dies?
    Did night follows day?

    But yes the answer was quite confusing
    So it ended up with a grin

    'Gone! You're gone! Your face gave me answer ' her words followed!

    But I was too shy to share anything regarding
    So ended up with silence!

    Through the days that followed
    I didn't got to listen his voice
    Which sounded like music to my ears.

    And I liked to talk!
    So no talking!
    No life!
    I'm dead!

    I knew I seemed to loose importance
    But still I wanted to stay
    -which was impossible
    I hate myself!

    My anger lasts for a couple of seconds

    And if you do something very bad to me
    I would never leave you
    I wouldn't even think of revenge....I hate it