• migekambu 6w


    Why do you point on my gender?
    World please deeply you ponder
    There's nothing to be so wander
    Like others my heart is also tender
    I also desire to be a love lender

    Service of mankind i wish to render
    This is a small reminder
    People like me is just a yonder
    You think im my own founder
    It is the wish of God which is a wonder

    World here keep me his under
    But im strong as im a highlander
    I may be not like xander
    But to people im so kinder
    Please know my life and be a founder
    Of reality and stop being an offender

    Why do you create prejudice in your mind
    Keep me also in room of humankind
    Erase prejudice and I'm interesting you'll find
    And with my life you will find
    Feelings for me in your heart you tind

    Mige kambu