• golden_dandilion 5w

    Dear Corey ,
    I miss you more than you'll ever know. It's been 5 years since you have passed. Life is harder to navigate without you holding my hand. I guess we all have to grow up sometime. I'm 21 now, just like you were. Now I have no one to hold my hand. I'm no longer a child but I am still the goofball of a little sister you learned to love. I guess those girls were wrong. The ones that called me names and pulled my hair. Because I made it into art school. I decided if you couldn't pursue your dreams I'd go ahead and pursue mine for the both of us. It might not be practical but it makes me happy. I hope you're happy too, wherever you are. As for our parents… this might be hard to hear but they are separated now. Dad started drinking shortly after you left and couldn't put the bottle down ever since. He found it relaxing because his lips got looser as well as his fists. Don't worry bruises heal but memories scar. I am still learning how to trust the hands of another man to never leave me or hurt me. I guess what I'm trying to say is you were right, life does get better. It's never perfect though. That's why it's meant to be lived one day at a time. I miss you dearly.
        Sincerely allison