• bookaholic_me 49w

    Here I am

    Here I am,

    Sitting near the lamp,

    The maximum world asleep,

    Yet some wanderers staying awake,

    Having souls with the essence,

    The essence of wanderlust,

    For who says that you have to go,

    To lands beyond yours,

    There already exists worlds inside yourself,

    Waiting to be discovered,

    To be cherished,

    To be embraced,

    To be loved,

    Wander in yourself,

    Such is the wandering,

    Keeping the soul of wanderers awake,

    Here I am,

    Sitting near the lamp,

    Pondering over the year gone,

    Contemplating the lessons learned,

    Thinking of people who touched,

    The depths of my heart and soul,

    Those expecting nothing in return,

    The ones who inspired, 

    Those who encouraged,

    And friends who became siblings,

    An year of creativity,

    Of books,

    Of poetry,

    Of art attempts,

    Acrylics, water colours and mandalas,

    Poems published in far off lands,

    Innumerable lessons,

    New friendships and old ones,

    People close to heart,

    Tearing it apart,

    Times of joys,

    Times of sorrows,

    And those of peace,

    Here I am,

    Sitting near the lamp,

    Saying thanks to ALLAH for all the blessings,

    For all the people,

    For the love they gave,

    For the way they encouraged,

    For the way they read my words,

    For the ways they were kind,

    For the care, for the time they share,

    Thanks for all the courage,

    For trying to be me,

    Because that is the biggest lesson 2017 taught me,

    Its time to be myself,

    Time to do what matters,

    Time to serve selflessly,

    A lesson learnt by my mother,

    Yet strong enough to say what is right,

    Learnt from my father,

    The learning,

    That we are more than our learning,

    That we dont need,

    To treat others the way we were treated,

    The learning that we have to bring change,


    Here is to an awesome and creative 2017,

    And hope 2018 will be even more,








    And a present to us all.