• kemosabe_recycled_thoughts 5w


    Wherever You Go Take All Your Dreams And Memories Along With Your Humble Heart To Make Many More Happy Moments.

    Once We Stretch Our Minds By The New Experiences, We Can Never Go Back To The Same Old Dimensions.

    We Should Have The Courage To Lose Sight Of A Shore And We Should Be Ready To Face The Wuthering Seasons.

    Then Only Get We The Chance To Explore The New Adventures Ahead.

    We Should Keep On Adjusting The Sails Of Our Ship With The Winds Of Change And Steer Our Ship Of Dreams Into The Unknown To Discover A New Horizon.

    Be The Confident, Careful, Casious And Willful Captain Of Your Ship Of Life.

    Never Hesitate To Embark On The New Voyages To Explore The Uncharted Waters Of Our Life.

    Life Is Short And The World Is Wide. Enjoy The Journey.