• ridhirathi 6w

    Standing beneath these
    Azure skies,
    I sigh,
    Taking in a deep breath
    And as I exhale,
    I look at the verdurous leaves of the tree
    Which move in motion
    By the beguiling zephyr
    Tempting me,
    To live a little longer.

    I treat my eyes, to
    The sight of the butterflies,
    Above my messed hair,
    Pouring vivid colours
    Into my blues.
    Tempting me,
    To hold on a little while longer.

    Don't get me wrong,
    I don't want to die
    But I find no reason, good enough
    To make my life
    W o r t h l i v i n g.

    I'm muffled up in scars
    Which numb my senses,
    Caught in tears,
    Which refuse to pour.
    So I stand beneath these azure skies,
    E v e r y s i n g l e d a y
    Hoping it would help me,
    Gulp down some sanguinity
    To hold on a little while longer.


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    A part of me
    Wants to let go of the
    Worldly desires,
    But I'm stuck betwixt
    Wanting to live and
    Wanting to be struck
    By your venomous love.