• janhavijyoti 10w

    Traveling associates many memories and stories

    A man half paralyzed
    Selling story books
    Appreciable was that
    He didn't beg

    There was a aged man
    Sitting with his grandchildren
    He asked this seller
    Price of the books he sold
    "just 10 rupee each"

    Old man bought all books
    Asked the paralyzed man
    About how this happened

    Man smiled and told
    My children never bothered
    about my medical expenses
    And I didn't have money
    to afford expenses

    Grandchildren didn't exactly
    understand what's going
    All the did was
    They came close to the seller
    Smiled and said don't worry

    I was seeing them constantly
    Old man smiled and me when he noticed
    It takes just a kind heart to show act of humanity
    My heart was heavily filled with pain

    All I get to learn is
    A single act of the kindness can give someone a smile and reason to lead life proudly despite of all miseries.

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