• nataansh_arora 5w

    She has always been there

    When solitude was the only thing,
    That was present in my heart,
    When I was robbed of everything,
    Mind and soul far apart,
    Came the bliss of my life,
    Who took my hand,
    Did undo my heart's strife,
    Showed me a way to the heavenly land.

    Sitting on the roof(no doubt),
    Looking at the moon,
    Try'na empty out,
    The ocean with a spoon,
    Those were my days,
    After I met my love,
    Living in different ways,
    Thinking of my dove.

    But now she's gone,
    Very far from here,
    Destiny stole the prize I won,
    Leading my heart nowhere,
    But still when I cry,
    There is a time where,
    A voice speaks by,
    And I know, she has always been there.....
    -Nataansh Arora