• kawaii_gallery 10w

    Candy Rain

    I am playing outside
    Running and Galloping
    When all of a sudden
    I hear the thunder
    Loudest than ever
    I look up at the sky
    To see what's coming by
    I feel a few "droplets"️
    Like a bash of rainbow rockets
    I am ready to make a run for it
    Or else I'll "drench" 'cause of it
    When all of a sudden
    I see cotton candy clouds ☁️
    Looking as though they'll shower something making 'em proud
    And the thunder, loud, turns into a sweet Melody
    It starts pouring sprinkles and dairy
    Chocolates , Candy, Gum
    Everything sweet but rum❌
    When such a sweet shower occurs,how am I supposed to resist, am I bonkers!