• absynth 10w


    Here comes the mountain goat
    All headstrong and at times too stubborn
    When others have given up all hope
    He climbs those slopes just to prove them wrong

    Inching rock by rock towards the very top
    Hell bent on eclipsing the sun
    Picking his heart every time it drops
    But on reaching the top he finds he's all alone.

    His taste for good things in life never wanes
    For he smartly keeps the pretence aside
    Though there are secrets he would take to his grave
    If he finds no one worthy enough to confide.

    Sometimes too conservative, sometimes too candid
    Though always an arms length from chitter chatter
    The way he speaks can make you bleed
    But for him only the truth matters.

    He hides well behind walls high and mighty
    Can cut off without notice from the society
    But come close and you see a child cowering behind vulnerability
    Waiting to be wrapped in the arms of intimacy.

    Derives his immense patience from the influence of Saturn
    Being hard on himself and others is his usual pattern
    His exterior tough, practical and brazen
    But inside his head he's gone star gazing.

    An old and evolved soul
    A know it all
    Thats the way he is born
    This misfit zodiac named Capricorn.