• harbinger 10w

    Her words
    It broke my heart
    Its echo
    It shatered my soul

    Her hair as dark as the looming night
    Her skin as soft and as white as the feather from heaven

    I am facinated by her thoughts
    That dwel
    Far beyond the island of our existance
    Into the depts of the unexplored ocean

    My heart melts gazing upon her shining beauty
    My eyes blinded
    My ears deafened by her whisper

    Her heart, as cold and as hard as ice, yet easily melts, flooding the world
    As I drown, I remember her eyes; shining gold within the rays of the son
    Dark as the bark of the old oak tree
    Her voice, the rustle of leaves in the wind

    Gazing upon the thunderstorm
    Her lightning ignites a flame
    But not long lasted

    As seasons change
    And the flame; diminished by the rain

    I realize nature cannot be tamed
    I am but a drop
    In the storm of her beautiful mind