• alisdaire_ocaoimph 11w

    To lose

    If i could express
    The lamentations that fills
    Tears asunder this Soul
    And wears me to nought
    I would express where
    Fury engulfs, strangles deep
    Chugs out ones bowels
    Till hung by ones own hand
    The world twirls its mocking self
    Round the edges of loss.
    There's no shame in being wiped away
    Its normal in this life
    Where lives come and go ignorant
    To what around them happens daily
    The guilt of one lost upon oneself
    Is greater than hell's dark fires
    But I die here...truly die
    Where the scourge of life
    Grasps tight my hand
    Where no relief is found
    I cry, I plead, my voice
    Cracked between tears
    Falls empty upon the glistening floors
    Where God in silence peers
    Awaiting something more
    Than I thought I had already given.

    Alisdaire O'Caoimph