• blueflamez_da_poet 6w

    pg-13 v. R (m.p.a.a. debate)

    On one hand, playin it safe, close to the vest, bigger investments made, accessible for a worldwide audience, franchises and merchandise depends on the word of mouth. And on the other, no restraints, takin risks, challengin the viewin experience, mature content, therefore worldwide mature audiences, not family friendly by discussion. Those are the pros, these are the cons, quality plays a HUGE part between the tamed and explicit, or how far will the motion pictures go to stretch the belief in each vision presented. To make it cookie cutter, dumbed down, is to hold the views hostage, beaten over the head, but to go the extremes, push the envelope too much, is to hold the views for ransom based on shock value, doin it just to do it amongst these circumstances.