• the_seer10 10w

    Kashmir the land of Himalayas
    With its vales and hills
    With its streams and springs
    Hill carved roads and bridges
    Deadly landslides ready to kill

    Trains filled with devotees
    In hopes of salvation
    Children and old here and there
    Sleeping on floors
    To behold their deity's gaze

    Soldiers with gun in hand
    Watching with scrutinizing eyes
    Common people selling apples
    Mullahs and mystics
    Promising Allah's grace

    Dead and deserted city waiting
    To bid us welcome
    With cheap cigarettes
    Cold were the men with suspicious eyes
    Beautiful were the women with shy smiles

    Brave men dead in war
    Buried in the ground
    Hero to one is a villain to another
    Nothing remains of them
    Except their grave