• hashtag_writes 5w

    A letter

    Hey, how are you?
    Its been long since we had words
    I hope you are doing fine, flying freely like birds,
    You must be wondering who am I,
    do we know each other?
    Yes we do, remember we use to be together.
    I grew up along with you in that small town,
    have been your best friend in ups and downs
    It was me who wiped the first teardrop from your eye.
    I know you were saying the truth when they said it's a lie,
    It was me who held you when you fell for the first time,
    When you wrote poems its me who gave you
    words to rhyme,
    Remember who was there when you had a broken heart?
    When you were alone and needed a new start,
    It hurts that you forgot me because you got new
    people to love,
    You are doing everything in bringing down the
    heaven above,
    Don't you ever miss me, did I cross your mind?
    How can you don't recall me,
    I never left you behind.
    I think I don't mean anything to you now,
    But still i wanted to talk to you somehow
    if you feel the same,
    you can grab a pen from the shelf,
    And you can write a letter to yourself !!