• arhamadnan 10w

    Walk away my friend 
    Butt hurt and triggered 
    As slow as you can
    Must not look awkward 
    Maybe stay Maybe scram
    Let's figure it out 
    Readdress and Revisit
    What you are all about

    Your unintentional ambiguity
    Needs a dictionary
    Might help you with
    The incompetent sophistry
    Weak rhetoric and fifth grade
    Few words stuck in your head 
    Thrown around passionately 
    Practically meaningless
    A teaser of your reality 
    Another over grown kid 
    Displaying a standard ability
    Of social normality 
    Thank you mum, thank you Daddy 
    Another useless addition
    Filled with ignorance and bliss
    Dreams of chocolate rainbows
    And cute pets, partially
    A wannabe know it all 
    When confronted privately 
    A trigger happy charlatan 
    Screwing every argument 
    With amoral views
    And unrefined emotions 
    Grounded in materiality 
    Society mandated rationality
    You actually use words
    Like a coked-up parakeet
    A groundhog day baby
    Living each day on repeat
    Crying and snivelling 
    Through every situation 
    What coherent discourse
    You'll take blind retaliation
    Used every word you knew
    Just to end up with
    Zero communication