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    They made a dandelion out of her
    by burdening her with the weight of a thousand wishes.
    They thought that the weight would make her bow.
    But it didn't.
    Despite the fact that her dandelion shoulders sag, she still stands tall.

    They don't like the plain whites and light yellows
    that constitute her.
    Plain whites and light yellows are the colours of resilience and it scares them.
    And so, they try to mask her dandelion spirit
    by calling her a flower.
    They try to cover up her dandelion spirit
    by asking her to put on a mask of societal acceptance
    that'll make her
    look like a sun yellow marigold,
    ready to be put in a glass vase.
    But she doesn't belong there and she never will.
    She can never be confined within a vase,
    for she is friends with the wind and the wind
    will always carry her away.
    She carries freedom in her veins
    and the endless meadow in her heart.
    She's a dandelion, remember?
    She's wild.

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    They mask her dandelion spirit
    by calling her a flower.