• harini_ 6w

    People who view me on surface will just picture me as a routine bee which would fall according to the plan, not raising voice,not putting forth ideas,dreams...

    Haha how silly i get to see two sides
    Side A when you oppose their plan of your life: you get no hearing just do as i say..
    Side B when you do as they say: why is your life so aimless, stick to your dreams..

    Seriously how gross does that seem...
    I am tired of seeing the unfair world������

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    Did you just say i am aimless???
    Just because you don't have entry to my insides doesn't mean i don't have any!!I have a cemetry of dreams where each of them are killed at various stages and laid off well under a stone engraved with the words:"R.I.P you don't get a chance"