• the_moon_door 6w

    Do I love you?

    Should the words "I love you" bare the full responsibility of conveying our love? Are they all we need to hear to have butterflies fluttering around? I might miss on that but I prove it every day in more than a thousand ways.

    --Making sure you don't go hungry.--
    I could not ask you at all about what you ate or let you eat anything but those marie biscuits (I hate those) but I genuinely care about your nutritional intake. Plus, I want you to enjoy your food. You deserve variety, but mostly you end up having your favourite daal rice. So, when I ask:
    "What did you eat?"
    "Is your little tummy full?"
    That's the same as me saying I love you.

    --Making you fall asleep.--
    You're my best and I love talking to you endlessly because you make me laugh (sometimes mad) but I always cherish it. So when you're sleeping or working, I'm bored as hell. I just want you to wake up so we can play like kids but instead I make you fall asleep and listen to you breathing peacefully because I'd not like if you'll be tired the next day.
    That's the same as me saying I love you.

    --Nagging you about being healthy.--
    I know it's probably really annoying to be constantly questioned about if you washed your eyes or if you put that mask, but it's only because I can't picture you rubbing your eyes the way you do. The same goes for exercising as well even though I know you don't really do the plank the way I told you. I'm in it for the long haul, so I should get a say in how healthy you should live. Don't you dare die without me!
    Whenever I think of it, I wake up in the middle of the night and send you one more of my night prayers.
    That's the same as me saying I love you.

    No one has declared me an expert but if you have to cram my idea into an age-old adage, it would be "actions speak louder than words".
    A big part of that is because we're constantly doing small acts of kindness to show our love. My heart melts when it sees your wide and cute smile. I don't need flowers every other day but I just need to know that you ate well, washed your tired eyes and that now you're sleeping peacefully (with that I mean drooling over your pillow).

    There are days where I don't have the will to go on, but I do because I know you will be on the other end of the day, waiting. I don't need to prove that to you by using regular words that might lose their punch with time. You will never be unloved by me, for you're too well tangled in my soul.