• sakshi0427 5w

    For the one I see in the mirror
    (Entire piece in caption)

    Hey you,
    Yes you the person on the other side of the mirror
    I see u every day in the mirror
    Your swollen red eyes
    Your pimples
    Your dark circles
    Cannot be hidden from me
    Your fake smile
    Your tears cannot stay hidden from me
    But I wish and hope that you could understand
    That loving yourself is the utmost priority of yours
    But you simply ignore it and try and love the world more than yourself
    Then you are hurt and broken
    And look for shoulder
    But sadly you find no one
    And cry yourself to sleep
    But why do you forget you have me
    I know I am on the other side of this mirror
    But you know what I am always there
    To hold you when you are in trouble
    To wipe your tears
    To give you a shoulder
    When the world to whom you
    shower your love walks apart
    But I will still be there
    To be by your side
    And make you understand
    That loving your own self
    Is more important
    Than loving the entire world!