• muhammad_edun 23w

    Life tales

    Life tales and facts
    Love conquers all
    I remember my sister once told me thanks
    It felt more than that
    I could actually do more
    She appreciated it
    She needs not say it all
    I could feel her joy

    Once, my girlfriend told me thanks
    It felt like I was losing her
    Nothing to compliment the thanks
    Nothing at all
    She should have said something more
    Smiling could not do it all
    Or could she be seeing someone else?
    Perhaps am losing her
    I think I'm having a trust issue
    I need to see a doc

    If my girlfriend said thanks
    Just as my sister did
    Why do I read the difference
    When the words are the same
    Their expressions too
    But the past was a lesson
    She could be faking too
    Just as the others did