• dante_vialdores57 36w

    I See Better Now 6/22/2015-7/3/2015

    The eyes show beautiful things
    In your eyes I saw passion
    For what I didn't know at the time
    But something told me
    It was for an amazing purpose

    That's what I saw in you then
    And it's what I see in you now

    As the breeze touches my face
    It reminds me of you
    It brings me peace
    In a world where love and happiness
    Is faint

    Knowing I get to hold you brings joy
    No longer I'm I trapped in this shell
    Once filled with self hate
    I thought being the bad boy
    Would lead me to a woman
    As special as you

    Destroyed in this world
    Even in the positive negativity stayed put
    So loving someone like you
    Was an after thought

    You proved me wrong all I had to do was
    Be myself
    You came along with love that can heal the
    Deep wounds

    So with that everyday I remind myself
    It is my duty to return the favor

    Every second being a good man
    Is my mission
    I owe you that much