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    Love & Light & (imagining) a relaxing train ride. ��

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    We run to catch trains
    Particularly, a 7.42 Borivali slow
    People swinging outside in teams
    Like troops of Tarzans on iron roots
    Arm over arm and foot over foot
    But the closer you go
    You will know
    The train has more place than it seems.
    You don't climb into the train
    You are simply pushed in
    An unwanted massage to your muscles
    A week's workout in a min.
    You adjust and adjust and adjust
    Till you find that half inch of an empty space
    for your haversack (well, mostly for your own supply of oxygen)
    which has been cussed upon by dames
    with their faces wrapped up in scarves
    to shield them from the fragrance of other underarms.
    You move with the train, the train moves with you
    You yawn and dose and sneeze
    You bump and curse and squeeze
    You stand till you no more feel your knees
    Tissues too deep in your pockets for a wheeze
    Sweat trickles down your dust clad cheeks
    Praying to the Gods for a fine gust of breeze
    But throughout all the adversities
    All the mental abuses you hurl
    All the bones that have been turned
    You will find these few women,
    chatting, laughing and sharing their tiffin,
    Buying trinkets and key chains and earrings by the dozen
    Not just for themselves but for their train cousins
    Who travel everyday and catch the same train, at the same time
    Stand beside each other (or sit, if it's their lucky day)
    Showing them on their phones what their kids did the day before or
    expressing their annoyance towards their mothers-in-law
    And how every other woman has a story to share.
    Some in sarees, some in salwars, some in burkhas, some in jeans,
    some in crop tops and dresses,
    some in stilettos and well kept tresses
    They all wish for someone to speak to.
    Someone to vent their worries out to.
    Someone to laugh and empathise with
    Even when their bums ache to sit
    And so,
    amidst all the chaos and mayhem,
    all the stealthy nudges on my arms and the nerves that cannot keep calm,
    if I just observe carefully,
    really really carefully,
    with an open eye and a positive mindset,
    my 45 minute train ride can certainly be quite refreshing.