• elsabiosquill 10w

    Inspired by a nightly conversation with a writer/poet friend who knows me too well to know that I rarely ever sleep on time. (Thank you, Chukwuemeka! ��) #MirakeeWorld #mirakee #writersofnigeria #writersnetwork #life #inspiration #poetry #thoughts #friendship

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    “Nighthawk”, a friend once chirped
    For I never slept till the day began
    But was always first to greet it at the morn
    When you relive your dreams through dawn
    And face nightmares by day,
    What is left for a man to turn to at dusk?
    Such is life and there's much to such
    For to dare in life is a must and a musk
    “What more could life be?” I was quizzzed once more
    Well, I hear people say there's more to it,
    Along with the dining and wining and desiring
    And all of the vain pursuit
    For me and for now,
    I am merely just a man
    Peeking curiously through the thick
    And heavy veils of this thing called life
    With my hope tainted eyes
    And stubborn little, hopeful heart.
    - Oliaku Wisdom