• fletch 10w

    I recently discovered Jophiel is my archangel, she helps me to grieve and to feel

    Her name translates to beauty of God, and her workings are ever surreal

    She also helps to reveal all of God's beautiful creations

    Within her majestic guidance she leads me to self revelations

    She holds the key to that of my greater destiny

    Her spiritual embrace warms me with a beautific ecstasy

    She is in charge of sunrise, the moonlight, and showing beauty to all of mankind

    There's a peaceful serenity of oasis she gives to the soul and mind

    I always thought I was alone and forever forlorn

    But in her gracious nature she's been watching me since the day I was born

    She's an angel who inspires new ideas
    and artistic thoughts within people

    I've been told she graces the church's high above the steeple

    She is pure within her heavenly made

    Now when I experience luck or coincidences I know it's a wink from the divine


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