• heartblossoms 23w

    What if ??

    When i read the last words from you i had thought what if, i had been on time and have saved you but no, i never get on time and that day i felt the value of being on time.......but it was also my mistake what if, i have not given you the idea or instead i had been in your place maybe that would have saved you.
    I always thought that one need courage to end up their life and that's what we always used to discuss about but in those last words you said - "we don't need courage to end up life, we need courage to live this life and i know you have that, you are much more brave than me and you can find happiness and live your life and i expect now you will leave every thought of ending your life." and there laid the body of him all over in blood. I can't even imagine the pain he would have suffered. But the only thought i get is that he would have built up this courage that he expect from me.