• jamareewritespoems 22w

    Poetry I Thank You

    "The main goal is to have those levels of Progression,
    As I write and write with each and every Session,
    Line after line you have gave me an Outlet,
    From those hard times that i would never Forget,
    To being bullied and ridiculed for having a Stutter,
    Which put me deep into a hole and straight in the Gutter,
    I had no sense of self worth or Belief,
    I had constants talks with myself in which I had a Debrief,
    You made it easy for me to ease my Pain,
    And in the process I had possessed this skill to Gain,
    Filling up pages with words time after Time,
    Who'd would've thought I'd find satisfaction in these lines that Rhyme,
    I'm glad I did because you saved my life more times than you Knew,
    I'm writing this with my deepest appreciation titled "Poetry I Thank You ... "