• deidara_go_boom 9w

    The tale of Hope and Regret

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    *person B sees someone familiar running over to them*

    A: Oh, Hey!
    A: You- uh- left this knife at my house...
    * person A pulls knife from makeshift bookbag*
    A: You know, the day you backstabbed me?
    A: Any who, I thought I'd give it back,
    A: suppose you'll be needing it soon...
    *person A akwardly hands person B the knife and take a stiff step back*

    *person B turns to leave, gripping the knife tightly and starting to cry*

    A: Wait! One more thing,

    *person B turns to face person A*

    A: Uh- h- have a nice day.

    *person B nods and sniffs up a tear*

    A: is, is s-something wrong?

    *person B turns to face them, looks at their own wrist, and looks at the knife*

    *person A takes the knife hastily and gently, holding person B's hand in the process*

    A: Hey, it's okay... why don't we start over?

    *person A hugs person B*

    A: Nice to meet you, my name is Hope.

    *person B smiles*

    B: My name is Regret.