• impassioned__love 20w


    Earth was an Empty Planet
    One by one People gathered here
    They started living and made their own rules
    Time Passed, No one questioned whether those rules were right or wrong
    People continued to go with the flow
    Everyone compromised bcoz at the end of the day, you have to live with the society
    And they oppressed their feelings deep down and compromised with life
    But then with the time, some people started questioning the rules and the standards made by society..
    Then Society felt offended and tried to bring down every finger raised against the society..
    And Here the Story Starts -
    To cope up with the society, everyone started following these artificial perfection and standards..And it built the venoms like anxiety, depression, anger, Tension etc in people's mind and when they failed to reach Society's expectations, they took their own lives..
    And Society again shut their voices and said if you want to live here, you have to raise your standards..

    I wanna say one thing - What standards, what rules.. who made these rules..
    Why we need to be perfect before 25..why we need to follow these bullshit rules..why we have to impress the community ??
    Take a Break..
    We should not need to follow other people's pace..We really dont need to get caught up in Rat Race..
    We all are humans..we have our own Pace..its okay if things happen lately..
    We dont need to impress the society..
    For you, only you matters..
    Focus on Self Love, not Societal love..
    Self Love Matters the Most..
    Learn to love yourself..
    Learn to live happily with family, friends, Books etc..