• francis_de_sales_25 45w

    Good Morning

    The sun's incredibly early today
    The dew from the leaves, stillness.
    Coldness in my limbs, smile in my face
    Contrasting of light and darkness
    Beauty so sacred, I'm in awe, silence.

    Wait! Is this a dream? I'm half asleep.
    It seems one can be trapped
    In the twilight and quandary
    Of mornings and new beginnings.
    "Just wanna stay in this instant", I say.

    Add to this, a cup of coffee
    Whether I'd prefer hot or cold-
    Musing fades for I just want to behold.
    Ev'ry second that passes is written
    Ev'ry air inhaled, I'm taking them in.

    Birds from afar chirping
    And temperature rising.
    Light overcomes... my alarm, its ringing!
    A signal, a prodding, commencing:
    Another day- I'm back to reality again

    ┬ęGregor Alfonsin C. Pondoyo