• justanerdysoul 5w

    Love is

    Love is
    sneaking glances and secret staring,
    because you can't look without blushing.
    And smiling all through the day
    For they are always on your mind.

    Love is
    swallowing your pride,
    even though you hate to yield.
    Because for the first time
    winning isn't worth it.

    Love is
    arranging your life around someone else's,
    And not giving up your own
    for no matter how tempting that feels,
    you still want to be better for them.

    Love is
    not when they mess with your head and life ,
    it's when they inspire you to be better.
    It's the pride in their eyes you want to see
    The only incentive you need anymore.

    Love is
    wanting someone to be happy,
    regardless of the reason behind.
    For your heart could belong to someone else ,
    But you will always have mine.