• aanchalbharara 5w

    Love One Another

    Love one Another,
    His Commandment
    Taught us well;

    Why then in the
    Side of hatred we fell.

    Peace is best for us all,
    Then why fail to choose it against War.

    Humans are they,
    Humans we are too.

    Families they have,
    Families we have too.

    Then why choose to fight,
    Why choose to kill each other,
    Why choose pain over happiness,
    Why fail to Love one Another.

    Why choose War over Peace
    For any land or some small piece.

    Who will take the land along,
    After life comes to an end;
    It's time to replace hatred with friendship,
    All relations now need to be mend.

    Love and peace among people,
    Needs to be our priority today,
    Keeping 'my land your land'
    Issues completely at bay.

    Let the Soldiers also
    Live life happily,
    Let them enjoy too
    Free from worries, with their family.