• _lira_ 9w


    The night wasn't so bright.
    Nor the moon at its best.
    Yet it was beautiful.
    Tiny little raindrops coming and going.
    The breeze hugged her for a very long time.
    She didn't wanted to let go either.
    Heart almost forgot how to act normal.
    With every turn the baby beast made.
    Racing through the unknown.
    To the unknown.
    Shocked at her own decisions,
    Yet not afraid, for she was flying.
    Time, did you freeze for a while?
    For every time these eyes close.
    A magnificent sight appears.
    Like millions of stars, right in front of us.
    and us the distant viewers.
    Both, lost, happy and mesmerised.
    With a silent promise to come visit again.
    Not wanting the journey to end.
    Yet they had to, for destination was reached.
    And all they have now is the 'Memory'.
    Until next time.