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    The Song of Doubt

    The cold King's heart seems rather warm,
    for he'll let us walk and live. And live in love
    as we walk away from the
    lonely streets of
    hell. I will
    never turn to face your
    face, your lovely face, my love.
    I promise I will be strong, I'll
    sing away your silly fears and

    Eurydice, never wander far.
    Just stay behind me and I
    will be your love,your lamp,
    your song, your guide.
    Sing a song as we walk away
    from this icy labyrinth, leaving
    the underworld as we follow the
    blinking of surface

    Eurydice? I can't hear your voice.
    Your footsteps and your lovely song
    make no music, no rhyme, or even
    the faintest noise.
    Are you there?

    Are you there, my love?

    Are you there, Eurydice? Or
    is this some sour surprise?
    Hades is king. So why, o why, would
    he listen to my song? Why should
    he bow down to the poem of a poor
    and lovestruck boy.

    This is my song of doubt, the hymn
    of sorry lovers and a promise
    that's been broken.
    You look like the sunflower moon,
    yellowing the heavens while
    you cry and cry
    in full bloom.

    Eurydice, forgive me and forgive
    my song of doubt.
    I'll see you somewhere warmer,
    across the starry skies.